10 foods that cause acid reflux

The stomach contains a strong acid—hydrochloric acid—that helps break down food and protect against pathogens such as bacteria. Acid reflux is a case when some of the acid content of your stomach is forced to come up along the alimentary canal. When this acid moves up, it causes a sensation of burn in and around your heart and also in the areas around your lower chest area, and for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as heartburn.

Causes of acid reflux
Acid reflux usually occurs after the intake of food and drinks that you cannot digest easily or that do not suit your immune system. Anyone can experience acid reflux at any age. One of the most common factors of acid reflux is the changes in lifestyle that influence your healthy eating habits. However, acid reflux is more common in individuals with obesity as the pressure on the stomach is high. For the same reason, women who are pregnant experience acid reflux as there is a temporary change in the hormones. One other important cause of acid reflux is the weakening of muscles.

Treating acid reflux
You can avoid acid reflux easily with the proper diet. There are certain vegetable and cereals that can lead to acid reflux due to its composition. Another way to avoid acid reflux is by avoiding food that weakens the muscles. This can lead to a decrease in the pressure on the stomach thereby curing heartburn. However, most importantly, there are certain foods that you need to avoid. Below mentioned are the foods that cause acid reflux:

Chocolate is considered as one of the common foods that cause acid reflux. The main ingredients in chocolate are caffeine and cocoa. The LES is a bundle of muscles near the lower end of the esophagus that opens when the food is swallowed. Caffeine and cocoa are one of the major causes that stop these sphincter muscles to function properly, thereby causing a heartburn sensation. This is the reason why dark chocolate is the major causes of acid reflux. Avoid chocolates or at least reduce their intake.

Caffeine prevents the LES to function efficiently leading to digestive issues that can easily lead to acid reflux. A close watch on the caffeine levels in the body and at the same time finding substitutes can help cure acid reflux.

The reason of alcohol as a cause of acid reflux is not fully known although studies show that alcohol increases acid reflux and is one of the main causes of heartburn. So, monitoring the intake of alcohol will help cure acid reflux.

High-fat foods
Acid reflux is caused by food with a high-fat content. Avoid meat beef, pork, or lamb are some of the foods that cause acid reflux as they stay longer in the stomach and are difficult to digest. Thereby, increasing the chance of acid reflux.

Spicy food
Spicy foods, that include garlic and onion, lead to acid reflux in many people but not all. If you love onions and garlic, make sure to keep a track of your meals. If you are experiencing acid reflux, it could be because of these spicy foods. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid these foods that cause acid reflux to gain relief from a heartburn sensation.

Carbonated drinks
Drinks like soda water and aerated beverages increase the levels of pressure in the stomach, which in turn increases the acid content in the body to rise.

Mint is characterized as a soothing herb. Though at the initial stages it helps cure acid reflux later it relaxes the muscle between the LES and stomach leading the acid to flow backwards into the food pipe. This, in turn, results in acid reflux.

Citrus foods
Both whole citrus fruits and their juices are included in the foods that cause acid reflux because they increase the production of acid in your stomach. The most common among the citrus food that causes acid reflux are lemons and limes because they have a high content of citric acid. Grapefruit also has a citrus acid content followed by orange juice.

Tomatoes are also characterized as one of the common foods that cause acid reflux. This is because it relaxes the working of the LES which then leads to the person experiencing a heartburn sensation. This can be avoided by monitoring the intake of tomatoes and tomato-based food if it harms one’s immune system.

Large meals
Large meals are one of the most common reasons for acid reflux. One feels heavy and stuffed after consuming a large meal. It relaxes the working of the muscles thereby causing a heartburn sensation due to the expansion of stomach.

In order to cure acid reflux, there are some self-help measures, over-the-counter medicines, and some prescribed medicines. Remember that you should take medicines only if you are severely suffering from acid reflux like in the case of painful swallowing of the food or bleeding when consuming food. In worst case scenarios, surgeries will be recommended to cure acid reflux. To be safe, eat a healthy diet and do not overeat any of the above-mentioned foods that cause acid reflux.

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