4 Effective Solutions to Eliminate the Rotator Cuff Pain

The shoulder is surrounded by a number of muscles and tendons that make up a rotator cuff. It is an essential element that helps to keep the head of the arm’s upper bone firmly in place. When the rotator cuff get injured during any activity, it causes a strong pain in the area or muscles around the shoulder and the pain worsens over time if not treated.

The rotator cuff, when injured, should be given immediate attention as further complications can lead to the need of undergoing a surgery. If the rotator cuff is torn due to a minor injury, the immediate medical care can help in bringing relief to the pain. Also, physical therapies and soothing exercises, improve flexibility and can bring relief when the damage is not serious. However, in case of a major injury, wherein the rotator cuff tears beyond repair, one may have to undergo surgical treatment. In a surgical treatment, tendons and joints are replaced from other parts of the body.

People who are constantly involved in heavy physical activities such as sports are jobs that involve picking and loading are likely to suffer from rotator cuff tear. Constant and rough movement of the hands during carpentry, painting, and basketball can put an individual at risk of this condition. However, as one grows older, the chances of the rotator cuff tear increases.

The first symptom that indicates rotator cuff tear is an excruciating pain that runs through the area around the shoulder. It can be a pain that increases and reduces over a period of time. Also, sleep is disrupted as the affected when an individual tries to lie on the side of the affected shoulder. A very common indicator of rotator cuff includes the inability to raise one’s arm during basic activities such as turning on light switches and brushing one’s hair. The arm cannot be moved easily, and there is a sense of lack of strength.

If an individual has suffered an injury in the shoulder and notices symptoms that indicate the rotator cuff tear, it is advisable to immediately see the doctor. If the pain around the shoulder does not subside in due time, seeing a shoulder specialist is essential to prevent further damage and cause irreparable complications. The doctor will physically examine the shoulder and test the muscles by gauging the muscles around the rotator cuff. One may have to undergo an ultrasound test, X-rays, MRI and other such tests in order for the doctor to diagnose the condition.

Upon diagnosis, rotator cuff pain relief and treatment will include topical and oral anti-inflammatory pills if the injury is minor. However, in case of severe damage, steroids are injected and surgeries will be required to restore the strength of the rotator cuff. Apart from medical aid, home treatment can bring rotator cuff pain relief and also prevent the problem from becoming more severe. Here are following remedies that help in relieving the pain and eliminate discomfort:

  • Ice pack
    An ice pack should be immediately applied to the shoulder when pain is initially experienced. It brings relief to the inflamed and damaged shoulder muscles and the tear in the shoulder. One of the most common ways to bring rotator cuff pain relief, the ice pack should be wrapped in a towel before being placed over the affected area. This activity should be performed at least 4 times a day in the initial days of the rotator cuff tear.
  • Exercises
    During the treatment of the rotator cuff, one should perform exercises after consulting the doctor. This will quicken the healing process and bring back the lost strength and flexibility.
    Make sure your exercise does not worsen the condition. Thus, it is important to be careful and only indulge in an exercise activity that is safe. Also, if there is a pain in the shoulder when exercising, one should stop right away and get in contact with the doctor.
    Stretching exercises: These exercises can only be performed after few weeks of the surgery   One should put the shoulder in slight motion and continue to do until it becomes more comfortable.
    Strengthening exercises: These exercised should be strictly done under the supervision of a trusted trainer. One should start by lifting gentle objects before going ahead with heavier ones.
  • Avoid intense physical movements
    Indulging in intense physical movements can lead to disrupting the process of treatment. It can cause the rotator cuff to further tear down and worsen the condition. Keeping movements to a bare minimum is necessary during healing and will help in rotator cuff pain relief with time.
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is a natural method that is widely used in rotator cuff pain relief. It aids in the improvement of blood flow to the muscles and tendons, fastening the healing process. It frees the blockages, thereby bringing about improved circulation.

Following the above-mentioned tips will make the healing process easier and bring about quick relief from rotator cuff pain.

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