5 Effective Treatments for Gout

A person with high cholesterol and with extreme weight would be more susceptible to gout. One should check on his or her blood pressure and diabetes to get rid of the chance of having gout. There is nothing that can be done to stop a gout attack if it starts once. Even though it is incurable so far, it is not uncontrollable. Uric acid is one of the main reasons for gout attacks. A gout attack is quite painful, and the joint affected swell and even the slightest touch can cause a lot of pain. The pain that occurs during a gout attack is caused due to the higher level of uric acid in the blood. One might be awakened in the middle of the night with a painful attack, and the worst part is that they won’t be able to stop it no matter what they try.

Gone are the days when gout use to happen only in the feet. Nowadays, gout attack is often experienced in the knees and fingers as well, and both men and women are prone to it. In women, however, the gout attack is more prominent a woman has had her menopause. Usually, for men, it only occurs due to excess fat, cholesterol and uric acid. Uric crystals form to cause painful gout flare. Many things such as alcohol, certain foods, stress, and some medications, can cause your uric acid level to rise abnormally, leaving you prone to a gout attack.

Gout might begin up with an itching, burning, or tingling feeling in the joint and the joints might feel a little stiff before the attack. Gout treatments can be helpful to stop further swelling and attacks. Here are some treatments of a gout attack that has proved to be helpful to manage the condition:

  • Bed rest
    One of the most useful treatments for gout is plenty of rest. Relaxing the joint is extremely necessary as it allows your body to fight back and eliminate the uric acid. Completely avoid straining your joints as it can aggravate the symptoms and prolong the recovery period.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine
    Anti-inflammatory medicines are beneficial to treat the swelling that occurs after the gout attack. Over-the-counter drugs including NSAIDs naproxen, ibuprofen, indomethacin, sulindac, celecoxib, or meloxicam are some types that your doctor might prescribe so that you could get rid of the discomfort for a while. These might be over-the-counter drugs, but their unwarranted consumption is strictly not recommended. Therefore, if you are confused about the dosages, ensure that you get in touch with a doctor to know more.
  • Hydration
    It is imperative to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water during a gout attack. You can also have fresh fruit juices, although avoid having packaged and processed juices. Alcohol and any soda should be strictly avoided as they can make the treatment less effective. Water can flush the uric acid out of the system and even help drain out gout. Stabilization of body can only be done with the help of water.
  • Steroids
    If the non- steroid medications seize to work, steroid drugs might be prescribed by the doctor to ease the pain and inflammation. These medications block the uric acid crystals to form and helps in avoiding the gout attack further. However, these are only to be taken if your doctor recommends them. Along with these, make sure that you have plenty of water and right foods to maintain the necessary balance in the body.
  • Diet
    A well-planned diet should obviously be followed. The diet should include lots of vegetables, and processed foods should be avoided at all costs. Some seafood and animal meat have highly concentrated uric acid in them so one should avoid that as well. There should always be a strict no-no on the consumption of alcohol or any sweet or carbonated soft drinks.

It is essential to be patient and wait for a gout flare-up to subside. It is necessary to remember that gout cannot be treated instantly. Any medication or any home treatments for gout would take a while work. It can take a few weeks for the flare-up to go away entirely.
If the treatment for gout does not seem to work, it is better to call the doctor immediately and opt for further advice and medicines. However, one needs to be sure first whether it is a gout flare-up or a joint infection as it has the same symptoms as gout.

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