5 Quick Pain Relief Methods to Tackle Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is not as simple as any other regular muscle pain or injury pain, which vanishes within some hours or once the wound is healed. Chronic pain is an altogether different encounter you will have with pain. You will be interested to know that around 11 -14 % of Americans and 1 out of 5 people in the US suffer from Chronic pain.
So, how to find a quick pain relief method of it? For that, you need to understand the concept of chronic pain. We often associate pain with an injury, and once your wound is healed, you are free from the pain. When it comes to chronic pain, that is not the case. The medical experts say that chronic pain lasts about 3 to 6 months in comparison to a regular pain. The most annoying thing is that many times, there isn’t an underlying cause for this pain.
One thing is for sure that chronic pain demands to be felt. You cannot neglect it and brush it off easily, as your brain keeps sending you painful sensors. There are many causes of chronic pain, which includes past injuries, arthritis, spine surgery, severe back pain, a nerve damage, many others. It is essential that you seek professional advice when it comes to treating chronic pain. But while the doctor works his magic, you can try alleviating the pain by following simple hacks.

Here are some quick pain reliefs we came across. Test and find out which one works for you the best.

Exercise, exercise, exercise
It might sound crazy, but it works. We know that sometimes the pain is so intense that it is hard to walk, let alone stretch and exercise. But that is indeed a solution. Research studies have shown that when you exercise and workout, your body releases a chemical called endorphins. These endorphins trick your brain to believe that the pain is under control, and your body instantly relaxes. They act as natural painkillers and help you become resistant to the pain.
So, the next you are searching for a quick pain relief, consider hitting the gym or simply stretching your body on a yoga mat. In case you feel that you can’t exercise, a short stroll in the park would also do the trick.

Master the art of heat & cold therapy
Heat & cold therapy is not something you aren’t aware of. It is a proven method of seeking quick pain relief. A hot shower, steam and a hot bag can work magic when it comes to chronic pain. Ice is another alternative you can try. Ice is known to numb the pain and not just that, it will improve the blood circulation in your body.

Indulge in a good night sleep
Trying to catch sleep when you are writhing in pain and the pain is only becoming worse every time you try to turn or change side while sleeping, is impossible. But you can’t deny that sleep heals. When you sleep, your body tries to relax, repair and recover from the pain. So, make sure that you indulge in a good sleep.
Try to experiment with your sleep position to find out which position helps your situation. Sleep on a firm but not too hard mattress, because that might hurt your back and make the pain worse. Use a cushion to support your neck or any other body part that aches. Keep aromatic candles by your bedside or indulge in a glass of warm milk to soothe your pain and get a good night sleep. Sleep has proven to be effective when it comes to seeking a quick pain relief.

Try out Acupuncture
For ages, people have used acupuncture as a quick pain relief method for back pain and muscle pain. Just like in the case of back pain, acupuncture gives quick pain relief in case of chronic pain. Acupuncture is all about applying a right amount of pressure on the trigger points of your body, to ease out the muscle knots. It is believed that by doing so, your body energy is balanced and in harmony.
Also, just like exercise, acupuncture acts as a stimulator for the release of endorphins, which blocks pain. The best thing is that once you are well acquainted with acupuncture, you can do a DIY acupuncture using your knuckles and fingers to apply pressure to the trigger points.

Pamper yourself with these Relaxation Therapies
Along with acupuncture, a relaxing Swedish massage or a more intense deep tissue massage, where through right amount of deep pressure, the deeper tissues of your body are made to relax. Note that before trying out any of these quick pain relief methods, we advise you to seek your doctor’s advice, as they give different results for different people.

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