5 Ways to Get Relief from Migraine Naturally

With the type of lifestyle that people lead nowadays, getting a throbbing headache the next morning is quite common. The late-night parties, consumption of junk food and inadequate sleep are some of the reasons for getting a headache. Every health problem starts with an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. But, for some, a headache might be a tendency. One such headache is a migraine. It is characterized by severe pain and is often accompanied by nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light, difficulty in speaking and vomiting. It can affect people of all ages, but it goes undetected in young children.

Research shows that a migraine may run in the family as it contains some genetic components thus making the particular person prone to such a headache. Migraine attacks have been classified as a primary headache because of the fact the pain does not occur due to any other disease. There is a controversy over whether it is a neurological disease or a neurological condition. However, it is not just a simple headache but the attacks include many debilitating neurological symptoms, and the severity of the pain varies from person to person. Some migraine sufferers prefer to seek medical treatment as not many are aware of the natural remedies available at home. This article would concentrate on the natural ways of alleviating migraine pain.

With these natural migraine relief options, you can manage the condition effectively.

  • Lavender oil: The smell of lavender itself acts as a soothing agent in case of a headache. Lavender oil offers a natural migraine relief. It can be inhaled as well as applied externally. For inhaling, three or four drops of oil in three cups of boiling water can be diluted and inhaled. It gives a relaxing feel to the nerves. The oil can be applied safely without diluting, unlike other medicinal oils.
  • Change in your diet: Research shows that certain foods trigger the pain and often leads to severity. Thus, it is important to bring some changes in your daily eating habits. Fruits like citrus, banana, avocado have adverse effects on headache, especially migraine. Dairy products like peanut butter and chocolate are better to be avoided. Foods containing MSG that is, monosodium glutamate; tyramine, an amino acid that can be found in red wine and pickled and fermented food must be avoided as these are known as trigger foods. Bacon and hot dog, meat with nitrates lead to an adverse effect if you are already suffering from a migraine.
  • Butterbur: Petasiteshybridusor Butterbur plant is a perennial shrub. For years it has worked wonders as a natural migraine relief and for many other ailments. Petasin and isopetasin are two substances found in Butterbur that is said to reduce the spasm and inflammation. It results in relief from migraine pain. Previously the plants roots were used, but later some toxic substances were discovered in the root of the plant. Now, only the leaves are used. It is sold in capsule form or extracts, powders, tinctures and even as soft gels.
  • Flaxseed: It is another natural remedy for a migraine. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that provide some relief from a headache. Inflammation sometimes causes headaches that Omega-3 can help reduce. It is an effective natural migraine relief and is available in several formulations like ground flax seed, liquid, powder, capsule, soft gel, oil, and whole flax seed. The oil derived from the flax seed needs to be refrigerated though. There are foods which contain flaxseed-like cereals, oatmeal, pasta, crackers, baked goods, etc. which one can use as comfort food during the time of a headache.
  • Peppermint oil: It works as an effective natural migraine relief. Peppermint oil has vaso-constricting and vasodilating properties which control the flow of blood in the body. Migraine pain or any other type of a headache can be caused due to poor blood flow. It helps to open and close the blood vessels. Peppermint is known for its calming and numbing properties. Rubbing peppermint oil on the forehead and the temples serve as a natural medication for migraine pain. The fresh-smelling oil opens up the sinuses to make way for more oxygen to enter the blood vessels.

People suffering from a migraine often look for natural remedies to ease the symptoms and prevent the migraine attacks. Chronic sufferers seek treatment on a daily basis, and for them, natural remedies are the best. Supplements like vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, metabolites, etc. are all items that are taken from a bush, tree, plant or flower and its stems, roots, flowers, are used to extract oils and elements to soothe the pain naturally. Research shows that if you rub the greater occipital nerve at the back of the head, base of the skull, it can relieve migraine pain too.Thus, with the availability of several natural migraine relief options, the condition can be managed, indeed.

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