8 Easy Lower Back Pain Exercises That Are a Must Try!

Lower back pain that oscillates between nagging to excruciating causes life altering as well as disabling changes in individuals suffering from the condition. While a patient who is suffering from lower back pain may only want to rest, moving is considered relatively helpful. Though exercising during a bout of a back-pain may be increasingly difficult, it is recommended that patients with lower back pain, an excellent to strengthen their back, stomach, and leg muscles.

Several lower back pain exercises can help support the spine and ultimately relieve pain. While almost all lower back pain exercises are designed considering varying levels of pain intensity, it is better to perform these activities under the supervision and after consultation with a professional. Here are a few simple lower back pain exercises that you can perform to alleviate pain and strengthen muscles.

Partial crunches
When you are experiencing acute lower backache, it is recommended to avoid exercises that require you to bend. While activities like toe touches and sit-ups are a big no during back pain, it is advisable you perform exercises that allow you to lie on your back comfortably. Partial crunches, for instance, are a good way to strengthen the muscles of your stomach as well as the back. These crunches can be performed while lying straight on the back with feet flat on the ground. To make the exercise efficient, you can cross your arms over your chest or put your hands behind the neck. Performing partial crunches 10-12 times with the proper form can help relieve stress and pain from your lower back.

Hamstring stretches
It is usually stretching exercises that are the most helpful form of lower back pain exercises that patients with recurrent backache conditions can adopt and experience relief for years together. Hamstring stretches is a kind of stretching exercise that can be performed by lying on the back and bending one knee. The exercise would require you to put a towel under your foot’s ball, straighten your knee, and gently pull back the towel downwards. The exercise puts mild pressure on the back of your leg and helps you strengthen your lower back muscles. For best results, you can repeat this exercise 2-4 times. Hamstring stretches is one of the best forms of lower back pain exercises in contrast to leg lifts that cause more harm than good in terms of back pain.

Wall Sits
Another effective exercise to relieve lower back pain can be slow wall sits. These exercises can be performed by standing against a 12-inch wall and leaning back until the back is flat against the wall. You can further slide down along the wall until your lower back is pressing against the wall and your knees are bent. You can wait to slide up the wall till a count of 10 and repeat the process till you like.

Back extensions
Apart from sundry exercises that allow you to lie flat on the floor, other press up exercises can help relieve nagging lower bag aches. One of the most popular lower back pain exercises happens to be push up back extensions. The exercise requires you to lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders flat on the ground. You can perform this exercise by pushing your hands against the floor in order to make your shoulders rise above the ground. By holding on to the position for a couple of seconds or more, you can efficiently exert enough pressure on your back.

Planks are easy to perform exercises that are best known to stay fit and relieve lower back aches. You can try various combinations of planks based on your comfort level and engage your core, squeeze your glutes, and balance your body weight on your forearms. This exercise effectively relieves lower back pain.

Exercise ball
Apart from a combination of stretching exercises, lower back pain exercises also include exercise ball therapies to relieve lower back pain. Using an exercise ball to perform a set of stretching exercises can prove to be a versatile technique to improve muscle strength, add flexibility and increase the spine’s range of motion.

Weight lifts
However unlikely it may seem, if performed under supervision, lifting weights proves somewhat helpful in relieving lower back pain. Often, patients with a chronic back pain experience instant pain relief by performing some weight training exercises.

Bottom to heels stretching
Stretching exercises help mobilize the spine and provides an adequate amount of strength to the back. Bottom to heel stretches can be performed by kneeling on all fours with the knees under the hips and the hands under the shoulders. Next, move your bottom backward and try to maintain the natural shape of the spine. Holding this stretch for about a few seconds can help you release stress and pain from your lower back. Ensuring correct positioning and maintaining the right form while exercising can prove to be a boon.

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