All You Need to Know about AARP and its Purpose 

AARP is a non-partisan member-driven organization that focuses on helping people live a life they wish to, irrespective of their age. With about 38 million members, it helps people above the age of 50 live a fulfilled life. It was founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus under the name American Association of Retired Persons in order to help retired teachers and promote health insurance.

With phenomenal growth and success, the organization was thrown open to all members of the public above the age of 50. It was officially renamed as AARP in 1999. Now to become a member, one need not be a retiree. The annual membership is $12 and the only eligibility criterion is that they should be above the age of 50. Additionally, spouses and family members also can make use of the benefits. A membership with AARP not only helps people get access to many senior benefits, discounts, and coupons, they also become eligible for crucial guidance to healthcare, Medicare, pension, and financial programs. Some of the benefits that AARP offers its members are: 

  • Insurance – AARP members can buy insurance plans from AARP’s partners for health care and dental and eye care. They become eligible for free vision exams and loss of vision benefits. They also have specific plans for pet insurance. Vehicle insurance is one of the key areas AARP offers support for.  
  • Travel – AARP members get benefits and discounts for cruise and travel packages across the world. They can avail benefits and deals for cars and trucks and vehicle rentals. Deals and offers from various partners are available around the year and offers from Expedia, like discounts on hotels across the world, are also open.
  • Shopping and entertainment – Members also can make use of a number of discounts for shopping in supermarkets, restaurants, and cinemas.
  • Finance – The AARP foundation helps members and about 2.6 million taxpayers file taxes at no cost. Anyone can use this service but people above the age of 60 can avail this service the most. They also give advice and tips on savings and investment and alert members about possible frauds and scams that can rob them of their pension.
  • Online tools – AARP constantly updates information regarding healthcare, insurance, law and travel on their website. This enables its members to have access to crucial tips that they may require. Members have access to all information that can help make an important decision regarding healthcare, investment, health and wellness, social security. The AARP community is a vibrant and active group that supports each other with answers, suggestions, and support.
  • Magazine – AARP magazine is one of the country’s most widely read magazines in terms of circulation. Members can find the latest and updated information on all topics of relevance.
  • Activities – AARP conducts events across the country and gives its members the opportunity to volunteer, participate, or conduct events. AARP’s community and social service programs have helped make a difference to millions of lives that needed a helping hand.
  • Careers – AARP also offers jobs for members in their various arms across the country.
  • Caregiving – Since many members are above the age of 50, they also have access to some of the best caregivers. Information regarding hospices and individual caregivers are all shared with members.  

Popular offers with AARP in insurance
New York Life
AARP has partnered with New York Life insurance to provide customized and affordable coverage and reimbursement for long-term care. It offers its members long-term care insurance as they grow older. This plan covers the cost of factors that are usually not covered under regular health insurances. Long-term care is essential for those who are aged, sick, injured, or who have a cognitive impairment. This plan helps them as they will need assistance with everyday activities as they grow older. This plan is great for:

  • Families who want to care for their older members and also protect their assets 
  • Retirees who need to safeguard their earnings 
  • Persons who do not have immediate family to take care of them 
  • Members who cannot afford to pay for long-term care

Long term care is expensive. A private nursing home could cost as high as around $104,000 per year and home care on average costs about $49,920. Assisted living care too is expected to cost around $57,000 a year. Medicare and MedAid may cover part of the costs, but mostly only short term care and they do not cover individual caregiving.

AARP’s partnership with New York Insurance works out a plan that can suit the member’s budget and needs. This means any expense incurred for long-term care is reimbursed. This is one of the most popular plans that the members avail.

Another popular insurance plan for AARP members is the customized life insurance plan offered by New York Life insurance. This is a group coverage plan that offers coverage from $10,000 to $100,000. The premium has been worked out as low as $12 per month (subject to coverage value). Members can opt for coverage for a period that they like. Moreover, no medical examination is required. Members can get a free quote online and set up an appointment with an agent to get their queries clarified. However, this policy is exclusively designed for AARP members.

In other insurance plans, AARP members can purchase insurance plans for young members in the family, like the grandchildren. They can set up coverage for their entire life.

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