Breast Enlargement Treatment and Risk

Breast enlargement is a procedure in which the goal is to make the breasts look enlarged or improve the shape. Many women worldwide resort to breast enlargement surgeries to attain the “perfect” breast size. Breast enlargement surgery may also be known breast augmentation.

So how does the breast enlargement procedure take place? During surgery, an implant is placed in the breast. This implant may be made from silicon or saline water. A cut is made anywhere around the breast, depending upon the size of the implant. The most commonly incised spots in the breast include the bottom portion of the breast and the arm pits. However, an implant can also be inserted through the areola. Once the implant is placed in the right position, the cut is carefully stitched by the surgeon. To get a better idea, one should look at breast enlargement photos that are available online.

If one decides to go for breast enlargement surgery, it is essential that same is performed at a reputed clinic or hospital. A patient who undergoes the surgery is not expected to admit herself in the hospital for longer than the time taken for surgery. During the surgery, one may be administered with general anesthesia or given medicine that numbs the area around the breast.

A woman can also opt for a breast lift when undergoing breast enlargement surgery. Breast lifts are carried out to uplift the breast and make it firmer. Excess fat from the lower portion of the breast is removed and skin is creased together to make it tighter.

Post surgery, the breasts are tightly wrapped in a bandage. One is also required to use a special bra that supports the breast after the surgery. The stitches must stay at least for a time frame of 15 days until the wound has completely healed. There will be swelling and pain around the breast, as with any other surgical procedure. The bruises take a few weeks to heal, while the swelling tones down after a few days. Breast enlargement photos will help in giving a clear idea about the healing process.

The results received from breast enlargement is satisfactory in most cases. However, expectations from the procedure should be realistic. Asking the surgeon to take one through breast enlargement photos of other women who have had implants will aid in understanding the outcome.

There are several risks involved with breast enlargement surgery. A woman who has decided to go ahead with the procedure should be aware of the possibilities that can occur and the facts about it.

  • Not a lifetime solution
    Breast implants are not devices that last a lifetime. The implants must be removed after a few years, with or without replacement.
  • Undesirable changes after implant removal
    Breast enlargement surgery brings with it one or more future complications, making reoperation a very high possibility. When an implant is removed and not replaced, a woman may be left with sagging and dimpled breasts.
  • Implant rupture or deflation
    There is a likelihood that a silicone implant can rupture after a few years. This may not be noticed immediately, and there is a decrease in the size of the breast with time. In case of a saline implant, the rupture becomes noticeable as the saline solutions begin to leak inside the body. The breast loses its original shape and sags. Look for breast enlargement photos after implant rupture to understand what it looks like.
  • Breastfeeding
    Women who undergo breast enlargement surgery may not be able to breastfeed their baby. There is a loss of breast tissue and the milk-producing glands, which may lead to the inability of breast milk production in the affected side.

Women who do not wish to go in for a breast enlargement surgery can use natural methods that may not be as effective, but are safer and come with good results:

  • Massage
    Massaging the breast gently stimulates the secretion of prolactin. This is a hormone that has an effect in breast enlargement. Breast massage should be carried out for 20 minutes daily and can be done using coconut oil or any other cream. Following this process regularly will increase the breast cup size.
  • Exercise
    For women who are skeptical about going in for breast enlargement surgery, breast enlargement exercises can be an effective method. One should consult a trainer before undergoing these exercise workouts. Exercise will also help in toning other parts of the body and keeping fit.
  • Creams and pills
    Many women use pills and creams to bring about a difference in the size of their breast. These pills and creams contain elements that are believed to promote the size of the breast. While creams are safer, pills may come with side effects. Consulting a doctor is advisable before taking the final plunge.

Breast enlargement photos are available online for reference of all shapes and sizes. Please refer to them for gaining a fair amount of knowledge before going ahead with any enhancements.

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