Choose the Best Magnesium Supplement for Health Benefits

Magnesium, an essential nutritional element of the human body, is often ignored by almost everyone. People fail to realize how necessary it is to have the optimum amount of magnesium in the body, the lack of which would otherwise cause irritability, muscle weakness, tiredness, and even irregular heartbeat. The bones inside our body consist of the maximum magnesium content of the body. It is, therefore, clearly understood how essential it is to have the optimum amount of magnesium in the body to make it run smoothly.

Who needs magnesium the most?
People who have a bone-related problem are often in need of extra magnesium in their body and bones. For instance, a person suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis. People who are heavily into physical exercises need plenty of magnesium in their body to keep their bones strong and fit for all the exhaustion they endure. An athlete or any professional player, for instance, needs to have enough magnesium in the body. The optimum amount of magnesium is often not available in the daily food that we eat and the diet we are in. The body’s need for magnesium, therefore, needs to be fulfilled by the best magnesium supplement that is readily available in the market.

Magnesium supplements are found in different forms in the market. Tablet and capsule form of magnesium supplements are the most common types. However, of late, the drinkable forms and the oil form of the supplement are also made available in the market, which is found to be very useful for the body. Sometimes in extreme situations, a person might even have to take magnesium supplement injections to fulfill the magnesium need in the body.

Since it is difficult to recognize and choose the best magnesium supplement for the body, here is a detailed discussion that would help you all to identify the right supplement that is suitable for your body. Some of the best magnesium supplement in different forms have been listed below.

Tablet or capsule form
They are the form of supplements that are most readily and easily available in the markets all around the world.
Their magnesium absorption rate inside the body is not good enough. This is because when they are consumed, a significant portion of magnesium gets infused into the digestive system and is drained out of the body. Only 20% of magnesium can be absorbed by the body when the magnesium supplement form is taken from tablets. However, it is not always that the tablet form is recommended as the best form of magnesium supplement intake in the body as it becomes a bit costly.

Drinkable form
It is the easiest form of supplement intake by the body because it is drinkable and convenient. As it is in liquid form, the absorption of the body is maximum. It is recommended as the best magnesium supplement in every way. To avoid the awkward taste, it can be even taken by mixing with various other daily drinks like milk, tea, juice etc.

Oil form
It is used to apply externally on the skin and is readily absorbed through the pores of the skin.
The rate of absorption is tremendously high because not even a single portion of it is lost in the digestive system.
For people having severe joint pains and extreme inflammations, this magnesium supplement form acts best in reducing the pain and inflammation.

This is the most unpopular form of magnesium supplement that is used across the globe.
It is not used by many people not only because it sounds intimidating, but also because it can be very dangerous for a person who is not used to taking injections.
Doctors often recommend this way of taking magnesium supplements to patients who have an extreme magnesium deficiency.

Get magnesium from your diet
There are even other ways of regaining magnesium in the body. Some foods are very rich in magnesium and thus consuming those would restore the magnesium level. The foods that are rich in magnesium include spinach, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, figs, banana, dark chocolate, almonds, avocado, black beans, and chard.

Lack of magnesium in the body can be a serious issue as it can cause hormone imbalance and conditions like PMS, osteoporosis, constipation, diabetes, heart attack, tension, and anxiety. You must, therefore, maintain the magnesium concentration in the body and choose the appropriate kind or the best magnesium supplement that is required for your body type. The first preference should always be given to the magnesium-rich foods, but if the problem persists, then consultation with a doctor is necessary to get the best magnesium supplement prescribed for yourself.

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