Here are Some Effective Low Back Pain Remedies

Have you ever felt an uncomfortable feeling in lower portions of your back while lifting a heavy object? Or does your back hurt when you bend down? These symptoms can be an indication that you are a victim of low back pain. It is a widespread problem seen especially in people post thirty when the calcium bank of your body starts hitting the depleting phase then onwards. Many people suffer from degenerative bone issues, and they too are victims of Low Back Pain. According to a research survey, it is found that one-fourth of country’s population suffers from bouts of low back pain. Yes, it is that common.

Sometimes low back pain can also arise from a genetic constitution or may be from an old injury to surface later when that person reaches the age of thirty. So here are all the guidelines and facts you need to know about Low Back Pain Relief.

Low Back Pain Relief activities

Keep moving.
It is always advisable to keep your body active and especially your spine. Movement in the body is essential. Our spines are meant to move. One must indulge in the daily activities like making beds, taking your pet for a walk or strolling in the evening for half an hour. Once you’re feeling better, you can go for regular aerobic exercises like bicycling, swimming and walking which will keep your back mobile. Just bear in mind, not to over-do stuff that might increase the sore on your back if you have any.

It is very harmful to sit sunk in your desk chair the entire day. Get up every half an hour or so and stretch a little. As most of us spend a lot of time leaning forward to our desk tops or laptops, it becomes imperative to stand up and draw backward throughout the day. Stretching your legs is equally important as many people find assistance from their back pain by following a regular stretching regimen, like yoga.

Check your posture. Leaning forward makes it difficult for your back to support your weight. Be especially mindful of your posture while you are picking up heavy objects and this can give low back pain relief.

Think about it ergonomically.
It can give you Low Back Pain Relief. Create your work place such that you don’t have to bend forward to reach out for your mouse or see your computer monitor. Use a desk chair that holds your lower back and enables you to put your feet set firmly on the ground. Say o to high heels. Replace your four-inch wedges with flats or low heels (less than 1 inch).

One often ignores the contributing factors. To lower back pain one needs to practice hamstring exercises. If the muscles of your hamstring are stressed, it will lead to more suffering. Hamstring stretching should be done correctly and at least twice daily. Several mild stretching exercises have no chance to hurt and can be practiced daily.

Soothe the pain with hot and cold pack

Don’t underestimate the pain reduction of just applying cold packs and hot packs to help yourself to get relief from your lower back pain and induce the healing process.

Cold therapy

The cold procedure has two key benefits:

It decreases inflammation, which is usually a culprit in any back pain.
By slowing down nerve impulses, cold pack acts like local anesthetic which keeps the nerves from causing pain.
Heat therapy

Heat application has two primary benefits:

It stimulates blood flow, which brings healing nutrients to the affected area of the low back.
It hinders the pain by sending messages to the brain.
Taking a hot shower or may be soaking in a hot tub or heat wrap that gives continuous, low-level heat bringing warmth to your lower back has a wonderful healing effect.

You can also go for over-the-counter Low Back Pain Relief medicines. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen sodium can help lessen back pain to a hugely significant level. Acetaminophen is another over-the-counter pain management option for you. Be certain to verify with your physician or pharmacist about any side effects of over-the-counter pain relievers which may have with other medications you are taking. People with a past of certain medical conditions such as kidney disease, ulcers, and liver disease should avoid few medicines though.

Conventional medical treatments for Low Back Pain Relief include:

Muscle relaxants relieve pain from muscle spasms or tightness by increases mobility of tense muscles. Muscle relaxants have no role in chronic pain management.

Back brace- A back brace can be used to give comfort and probably decrease pain. There is some proof that use of a corset-style brace, worn daily, along with physical exercise program, can reduce pain and get you a Low Back Pain Relief.

Low back pain can restrict you from your regular activities. However, choosing a combination of treatments and therapies can help manage the condition and lead a normal life.

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