Here’s how to effectively manage adult type 2 diabetes

A large number of people around the world suffer from diabetes, a long-term disease. It is a condition in which the body is unable to control the level of glucose in the human body. Glucose is a type of sugar that runs in the bloodstream.

The body produces a hormone called insulin. This hormone is responsible for letting the cells use up the glucose from the food as a source of energy for carrying out body functions. In case of people who suffer from the condition of adult type 2 diabetes, the cells are not able to efficiently use the insulin that is produced by the body. This means that insulin goes on to become resistant. Adult type 2 diabetes may be caused due to several issues. The following factors may trigger the development of the condition.

Being overweight: Individuals who are obese or overweight are likely to suffer from adult Type 2 diabetes as their body’s insulin lacks the ability of efficiently using insulin.

Genetics: Type 2 diabetes may also be carried down through one’s genes. If one has a family history where an ancestor had diabetes, it is likely that he/she will be affected by the way in which the body makes insulin.

Liver function: In several cases, the blood in the body may not contain enough sugar. This is when the liver makes glucose and sends it out into the bloodstream. When an individual consumes a meal, the sugar levels increase and the liver is responsible for storing excess sugar for later. However, the liver may not be able to function efficiently and continue to release glucose.

Ineffective cell function: The cells in the body may not be able to send out the right signals or decode the message incorrectly. This leads to a chain of wrong communication, thereby affecting the manner in which insulin and glucose are used.

Adult Type 2 diabetes does not come with significant symptoms. The symptoms can be very mild, and in instances, people are unaware of the fact that they are suffering from the condition until it is later in the stage. Some of the popularly reported indicators include continually feeling thirsty, the need to urinate frequently, feeling irritated, numbness in the feet and palms, and wounds taking a long time to heal.

A person should visit the doctor as soon as possible in order to keep condition in control. Several tests may be conducted to diagnose whether a person is suffering from adult type 2 diabetes. A doctor will prescribe the require medications that will help in keeping the disease in control. There are several ways of lifestyle management and home remedies that aid in reducing the seriousness of this disease.

Understand the condition deeply: Understanding and learning in depth about the disease will be beneficial in making better daily choices. One can also join a service of diabetes educator who will help in undertaking several decisions and changes in bringing about a difference in the seriousness of the condition.

Maintain a healthy body weight: Body weight can trigger and worsen the condition further. Keeping a tab on one’s weight is essential by going through regular weight checks and eating healthy.

Exercise: The body requires physical activity to stay healthy. Today, a demanding lifestyle leads to a large number of people leading a sedentary life. Exercising regularly keeps the blood glucose in control. Light exercises such as running, jogging, swimming, etc. should be performed after consulting one’s doctor.

Maintain a healthy diet: The food that an individual consumes has a significant effect on the overall health of a person. An individual who suffers from adult type 2 diabetes should consume a diet that has carbs and fibers rich in nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish oil should be consumed every day. One should make it a habit to refrain from high-fat dairy products. Also, eating meals in proportion and every short while is necessary to keep blood sugar levels from increasing.

Soak the feet in warm water: Adult type 2 diabetes can lead to slowing the healing process, thereby increasing the chances of gangrene formation over time. An individual who suffers from this condition should make it a point to wash their feet daily, in a basin of lukewarm water. Check the foot for any injuries that may have been caused by walking or any other activity. Moisturizing the feet well is essential to keep them hydrated and away from cuts and wounds.

Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake: Smoking can increase complication that comes attached with diabetes. Work out a plan to drop this habit entirely. Alcohol, especially wine can increase the sugar levels in the blood, thus, drinking in moderation is important.

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