Home Remedies for Treating Chronic Pain

Chronic in simple terms means persistent and for prolonged periods. Chronic pain thus includes many discomforts caused due to various reasons, which will last for a long time. It is estimated that chronic pain affects 1 out of 5 people in the country which is quite the statistic.

In case of chronic pain, sometimes even if the pain source has been taken care of, chances are your brain is still getting signals from the affected area that the pain is persistent. Although there a number of medications and over the counter drugs available as a treatment for chronic pain, it is still recommended by many medical professionals that you try home and natural remedies to ease the discomforts.

However, you have to keep in mind that treating chronic pain is not necessarily an easy task since many factors contribute collectively to its development. The pain will persist, and thus, the symptoms have to be taken into account before trying out natural and home remedies.

Here are a few easy and natural ways to deal with chronic pain with minimum side effects and discomforts:

Willow bark: Willow bark is considered an intense painkilling herb used in many countries to treat ailments like arthritis, headaches, inflammatory conditions among other persistent types of pain and discomfort. Salicin is the active ingredient of a willow bark which was a compound used to develop a couple of medications for aspirin. You can, however, incorporate the willow bark to create a pain relief tea, with recipes which can be easily found online. A simple to follow treatment for chronic pain.

Turmeric: Again, a very versatile ingredient, which is most commonly used in a variety of cuisines and recipes. Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammation properties, an ingredient which when combined with other commonly available nutrients and substitutes have proven to provide pain relief thus also proving an effective treatment for chronic pain.

Cannabis: Cannabis also alternatively and commonly known as marijuana, cannot be availed legally unless it is for medical marijuana. The main ingredient of this plant being tetrahydrocannabinol acts as a potent analgesic with great pain relieving properties. Medical cannabis can be acquired via a doctor’s prescription, but otherwise cannot be availed. Opting for remedies to ease the pain with prescription medical marijuana is one of the treatments for chronic pain.

Herbal remedies: Herbs and spices have been incorporated into our daily diet, but certain herbal supplements like cloves can help relieve pain caused due to chronic ailments. Pain associated with headaches, arthritis inflammation and more can be somewhat cured by incorporating cloves in different ways or even applied directly to the affected area. Although not a permanent treatment for chronic pain, this option will help ease your discomforts in the short run.

Heat and ice application: A straightforward and cost-effective home remedy, using just heat and ice cubes to relieve pain. This treatment for chronic pain is very common, but people are not aware as to when to use what effectively. An ice pack is usually used to relieve pain from inflammation of muscles and swelling in the affected area directly whereas heat packs are applied to the joints in to reduce the symptoms. Heat and ice packs individually are effective against different types of pain and discomfort, be it chronic or not.

Acupuncture therapy: One of the oldest therapies, the ancient Chinese medical treatment for chronic pain. Acupuncture is a simple concept which balances the flow of energy in your body to harmonize bodily functions and relieve any pain naturally. This is known as “Chi” which means the flow of natural energy throughout your body. A balanced chi will prove useful with regular use of this therapy, however, it is advisable to visit and seek treatment from a professional. The body releases serotonin during this therapy which helps relieve the pain.

Fish oil: Inflammation is one of the significant discomforts and visible indicators of the signs of developing chronic pain, which is why fish oil is an excellent choice for a natural and effective treatment for chronic pain. Fish oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, and there are a variety of fish oil supplements available in the market to avail. Regular consumption as advised by your doctor will take you off those prescription painkillers in no time and reduce your dependency on medication for pain relief.

Regular exercise: At the end of the day, it all comes down to your activity levels. Nowadays, people don’t have time for exercise or even spending a few minutes to try out meditation or yoga. Muscles in your body require plenty of exercise for them to stretch and remain healthy. Inactivity causes the muscles to cramp up, thus leading to different types of pain conditions. A robust exercise schedule maintained with a balanced diet will help in the long run.

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