How to Get Voluminous Hair with the Best Products

Beautiful, gorgeous bouncy hair with good volume is a dream for most women. Luscious hair adds to our entire personality, beauty and wholesome appeal. No surprise then that the thought of going bald itself is so frightening. Often it is found that people have hair fall and gradual thinning of hair, but they do not pay proper attention during the initial phase of this hair fall. Later when the problem escalates to a severe condition of partial or complete baldness, it is then when people start applying products or taking medical help.

This notion should be discarded, and one should start using the best thinning hair products as soon as they notice the symptoms of hair fall. Primarily one needs to understand and notice the reasons that cause hair to shed off before availing the appropriate thinning hair products.

Understanding hair growth cycle
Many people have thin hair due to their hair type. They may be strong, but they lack the volume or the bounce. On the other hand, some might have thin hair due to improper care and hair fall issues. So, let us understand the hair growth cycle first.

Almost 90% of the hair on a person’s scalp is growing at any point in time. This hair grows through the hair follicles which eventually has its life cycle. Hair growth from a follicle can be affected by a disease, age, and a broad variety of other reasons. The life cycle of a hair follicle is split into three stages:

  • Anagen – This is the active phase of hair growth that persists between the tenure of two to six years
  • Telogen – This is the resting phase that lasts about two to three months. It is at the edge of the resting phase that the hair starts to shed and is replaced by a new hair, and again the growing cycle starts.
  • Catagen – In between the two phases comes this transitional hair growth phase where growth lasts for two to three weeks and then sheds.
    Hence, losing hair is not necessarily always an indication of an ailment. It is normal to lose hair as it regrows according to these cycles.

Avoid these ingredients in your thinning hair products:

Moisture in hair is essential for its health, and a few ingredients are known to dry your scalp and increase hair loss. Watch out for these ingredients and avoid such products:

  • Sodium
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA)
  • Paraben
  • Alcohol
  • Synthetic color and fragrance
  • Essentially, thinning hair products are good to have natural and organic ingredients. Also, it is best to choose paraben-free products.

Nonetheless many times it is seen that an individual lacks the bounce and volume in the hair and thus the hair looks thin. Below mentioned products will add that edge to your hair, serving as some of the most efficient thinning hair products available. These are also suitable for maintaining hair health and for preventing hair fall.

Get thick hair with Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo.
This thickening shampoo by Paul Mitchell is an excellent product for hair thinning issues and is proved effective to boost shine and strengthen your hair strands. After using this shampoo, blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction from where you want it to lie. This method will form volume at the root, and give that look of fullness.

Plump up your hair with Thickening Plumping Mousse from Got2b Fat-tastic
It is a common thought that if you have thinning problems, then styling is not for you. This notion is wrong. You can style your hair in a way where you can give your thin hair a thick volume. Thickening Mousse is a good option for enhancing the look of fine strands. The collagen that’s implanted into Got2b’s hair mousse fastens to single strands of hair, making it feel denser, thicker and stronger.

Look gorgeous with Thickening Cream from Living Proof
This hair-thickening cream from Living Proof works miracles on thin hair by depositing thickening, flexible, specs on each hair strand, which increases the weight and diameter of the hair. To expand your hair’s volume, thinning hair products like these are helpful. Thin hair lacks proper texture, and thickening creams provide hair the right amount of texture it needs.

Attaining thick, beautiful hair is not an unachievable dream. All you need to do is add that extra edge to your hair. A healthy hair with volume always peps up your mood. Unless you have a severe disease like alopecia, hair thinning can be treated. Thinning hair products as mentioned above are helpful in giving you the desired look. With such thinning hair products, one is sure to achieve a fabulous mane. So just relax and get ready to enjoy the bliss of thick and healthy hair. Happy hair days are not far!

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