Know Some of the Best Impotence Home Remedies

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction in men is a common phenomenon in the US, and various researchers and studies show that the number of people with this problem is nearly 30 million! It has also been observed that the problem mostly occurs in men within the age group of 40-50. Almost 40 percent of the people in this age group have been found to have ED, and most of them try to hide this problem as it questions their masculinity. But with natural impotence home remedy, it can be cured, and you can have a healthy sexual life. The problem of impotence in men or ED results in short-term erection while having sex. Either the male partner finds it difficult to have an erection or to maintain the erection for longer duration. This affects the sexual lives of many couples as everyone needs that physical love from their partner. But ED affects the person who is having the issue the most as it can affect their confidence and make them feel unwanted.

Due to the various pressures at work and in personal life and modern-day health problems, impotence is becoming rampant among young people too. Both physical and mental or psychological causes play significant roles in your sexual life. To have a great sex life with a high libido and longer erection, you can try out the following impotence home remedy.

  • Exercise and yoga
    Physical Exercise and yoga have countless benefits, and one of them is that having regular exercise can make you stay hard longer in bed with your partner. The primary cause of ED is that the artery carrying blood for your proper erection has somehow become less functional, and that is why the blood flow to the penis has been interrupted and slow. Regular exercise can help in increasing the blood supply, thus making you capable of having a stronger erection. Moreover, it enhances the urge for having intimacy with your partner more often.
  • Fruit Juices
    An antioxidant is necessary to have a better erection and to reduce the effects of impotence. Pomegranate is a fruit with loads of antioxidant elements which can increase the blood circulation in your body and thus help you achieve a better erection. Moreover, this impotence home remedy reduces the level of stress in your body, which in turn helps you to have better sex with your partner.
  • Have onions
    You might be wondering how onions can help you satisfy your partner in bed, but onions have aphrodisiac elements in them which help in reduction and prevention of loss of semen while sleeping or being idle. You can slice white onions and fry them with butter and have it during dinner time, or you can cut two big onions and boil them in two cups of water and then have that water thrice in a day at least for a month, as it is a proven impotence home remedy.
  • Garlic
    Yes, you have almost all the items for impotence home remedy at your home only. Garlic helps in increasing the blood flow because of the allicin element in it. Research and studies suggest that having 3-4 pieces of garlic every day can help you have a better erection, and you can maintain it for long. You can directly chew the garlic pieces, or you can fry them in low steam with butter and have them.
  • Panax Ginseng
    It is known as the herbal Viagra in general or scientifically the red ginseng. If you have 600 to 1000 mg of this item in a day for three times, the symptoms of ED can reduce, and you can have a better sexual life.
  • Clove oil
    Do you have the problem of premature ejaculation? Then, you can use the impotence home remedy of clove oil. It has the elements which can reduce the premature ejaculation and help you stay longer in bed and satisfy your partner.
  • Almonds
    Almonds have various nutritional benefits and have an aphrodisiac quality which helps in reducing the effect of ED. Almond contains vitamin E that can help in fast blood circulation, thus helping you get better erection. It also helps in prolonging the pleasure in bed. You can have almonds directly, or you can mix the almond powder in a glass of milk which has to be warm. You need to drink this every day before going to bed for better results.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a necessity if you want to have a healthy sexual life. Thus, with the help of an impotence home remedy, you can improve your sexual health and have more potential in bed. Since smoking and drinking add to the problem of ED, try to quit them as soon as possible as well.

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