Neck nerve pain – Symptoms and treatment

A gnawing pain can sometimes be felt in the portions of neck and shoulders and this can be caused by pinching or compression of nerves in that particular area. This specific area of the body is delicate and the tuft of muscles, veins, capillaries are sensitive enough, and hence, the nerves might feel that compression owing to postures or stress, resulting in a pain. This pain sometimes gets excruciating and causes insomnia as well. This distracts us from work and in fact movement of the neck becomes difficult at times.

General etiology of neck nerve pain:

  • Bones are sometimes responsible for neck nerve pain. Nerves getting pressed between bones can be a major reason for this complication to occur. Nerve impulses are carried from the brain through the spinal cord that has to pass through the neck area having narrow passages for these nerves; hence, the pressure exerted by bones can be severely dangerous for such nerves.
  • Excess of stress, repetitive locomotion, stimulus, movements etc can cause neck nerve pain. This is also because tissues and muscles get exhausted when are actively involved for a long period of time. The general fundamental activities and the metabolic functions of the body when disrupted by excessive working, this complication is known to occur.
  • Another quite contradictory reason might be the lack of movement for a long period of time. The stiffness can cause this neck nerve pain. This complication may arise when no change of posture takes place while sleeping or taking rest, lying down, sitting in a work place etc.
  • A constriction of blood vessels and obstruction created in the flow of body fluid might be another reason behind this neck nerve pain. As we know nerves are sensitive enough and hence, a small change can take the shape of quite a serious hindrance and the outcome might be complications such as neck nerve pain.

General symptoms of neck nerve pain:

  • Head ache is known to be the most common symptom of neck nerve pain. This is closely associated with this sort of complication as brain sends nerve impulses to the spinal cord through a migraine and hence, aching sensation in the head can be sometimes felt when a pain in the neck is felt.
  • A tingling sensation in the arms can be felt as the muscles of arms are connected to the neck via shoulders. Any complication in the neck nerve can have its consequences upon the arms, its tissues, and muscular tufts.
  • Cramping and pain in muscles can be felt along with stiffness of the neck. Difficulty in moving and rotating the neck is the main symptom here. Quite contradictory to this, sometimes tenderness can be felt and hence, movement of the neck gets adversely affected.
  • Pain in the throat gets worsened with time when the complication grows. In fact, fever is another symptom of neck nerve pain. Arms become weak and activity level comes down.

A plethora of treatments options are known to be available, such as:

  • One of the best options for such treatments is physiotherapy. This helps to relieve the pain and numbness in neck and shoulders as well. In fact, arms that are affected can be treated by physical therapy experts with all such lotions, medicines gels, and instruments.
  • Alternative hot and cold compress, done at home, is known to be quite effective in such cases. Generally, dry heat is always suggested. In fact, a gentle massage can also help when done with light oils or medicated lotions.
  • Neck traction can be opted for when we want to avoid surgery for neck nerve pain. Getting sound sleep at night and that too for sufficient time is of utmost importance as rest is imperative. Exercise at regular intervals are significant as an over sedentary life style is known to be harmful.
  • Changes in the posture like sitting up straight, walking straight, looking right up etc are known to be quite effective as this keeps the nerves, bones, and tissues in place and no stress on the muscles is felt.
  • Changes in the diet pattern are very important and hence, consumption of the right foods at right time and small portions at frequent intervals is always suggested. Foods rich in calcium and potassium can be taken to get a relief from the neck nerve pain. Having bananas can help as well. Consumption of dark green vegetables is also helpful. Consuming apricots, avocado, nuts, and cashew is also advisable. Sesame seeds, milk, and orange juice are rich in all the nutrients that can help in relieving the neck nerve pain.

To conclude, we can say, neck nerve pain can affect the smooth functioning of the body if proper care is not taken. Enough of rest is required to treat the neck nerve pain accompanied with proper exercising routines.

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