Six Headache Relief Tips to Help You Soothe the Pain

After back pain, headaches are supposedly the most common form of chronic pain. Anybody who has suffered this debilitating kind of a problem, migraine, in particular, knows how that it can be difficult to perform even the slightest of actions when you are affected with a headache. Yet, when you are affected with headaches, you can do a lot more than lying in the bed and waiting for it to go away. There are many headache relief tips that you can follow to feel better.

Firstly, take the right medicines. Just an over the counter medicine can offer relief from non-migraine headaches which are commonly termed as tension headaches. Medications containing a single drug such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and acetaminophen are considered an effective headache treatment along with a combination of caffeine, aspirin, and acetaminophen.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, then doctors would typically recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen. Another medicine, indomethacin is a form of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug normally used for arthritis, but it can also be used as a headache relief. But the indomethacin has a disadvantage which leads to gastric irritation including bleeding and gastric ulcers. There are many other medications which can help in offering headache relief. But the bad news is that many of these prescription drugs can lead to substance abuse as well as dependence. So, they should be taken as per doctor’s advice and must be abandoned when a headache subsides.

Below are some headache relief tips to help you cope better-

If you are suffering from a headache that doesn’t even allow you to indulge in a conversation, there are many headache relief tips which can help you cope with the pain without any medications involved. These can assist in decreasing the risk of rebounding headaches-

  • Keep your eyes closed and take rest
    This is one of the most effective headache relief tips which can help in relieving tension-induced headache. You will have to sit in a quiet and dark room with your eyes closed and then relax for some time. Patients suffering from a migraine always look for a dark and quiet environment where they can take rest for a few hours. It goes without saying that sleeping frequently eliminates the pain.
  • Massage your neck and head
    When you are suffering from a headache, you should rub your head and temples gently. By massaging, you can improve the blood circulation and soothe headaches caused by tension and anxiety. You can also put a warm pad or cloth around your neck along the base of the skull for relieving headaches. If it fails to help the condition, you can opt for an ice pack to see if it offers any relief.
  • Relax for minimizing stress
    This could be one of the important headache relief tips of all. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can help in relieving stress-induced headaches. There are numerous relaxation techniques which can assist in improving headaches caused by muscle contraction. And in case you are a frequent sufferer of a headache, you must try to minimize stress as much as possible. You should stay away from any noisy environment and take time off from work for a while to deal with chronic headaches.
  • Be careful of choosing your drink and foods
    Did you know that your choice of foods and drinks can have a significant impact on the condition of your headache? You should limit caffeine intake and avoid smoking as much as possible. Take your meals on a regular basis particularly if you get headaches due to low blood pressure.
  • Take some cayenne
    Even though spicy stuff may not sound helpful in treating headache, cayenne is considered an effective remedy for a headache. It is rich in an ingredient called capsaicin which prevents the pain perception in the body known as Substance P. Substance P is what makes us feel the pain and helps in inhibiting the pain. According to the reports of the Clinical Journal of Pain, when cayenne is applied topically in the nasal passages, it leads to significant decrease in headaches.
  • Pop in some almonds
    In place of popping a pill that can get you rid of a headache, you can pop in some almonds. It is highly effective in relieving headaches caused by tension, and it is obviously a healthier alternative to the pills. It functions as a pain reliever owing to the salicin content which is also found in some over the counter painkillers. You can eat a handful of almonds next time a headache strikes. It goes without saying that headache can bring your regular tasks to a stop. If possible, take a break from your daily activities until you are feeling better. In place of pushing yourself through the day’s work, you should take the time out to help yourself. Medicines are indispensable when it comes to treating headache, but you should also allow yourself to heal through these headache relief tips.

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