The Best Acid Reflux Treatments That You Should Know

The number of people in the US who suffer from heartburn now and then might completely take you by surprise, as more than sixty million Americans face this problem at least once in every month. If you check the number of people who have this problem on a regular basis, then you might be astonished to know that the number is close to fifteen million. So, fifteen million people have a burning sensation in their upper chest right after a delicious meal or even after a meal with just oats in it.

But the good news is that acid reflux or heartburn can be kept under control if you follow proper acid reflux treatment which includes the generic medicines available over the counter as well as natural and homemade remedies.

Before trying out the different acid reflux treatments and the medications, you need to understand and adopt certain lifestyle changes which actually can reduce your heartburn problem. Firstly, try not to eat anything just before hitting the bed and have light meals during the night. Try to avoid foods which are full of oil and fried stuff especially the deep-fried ones. Smoking and drinking can trigger heartburn, so try controlling both of the habits. If you are obese, you need to shed some weight before trying out the acid reflux treatment and remedies as obesity also triggers severe heart burns.

Acid Reflux Treatment and Remedies

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away-This phrase is apt for treating heartburn. If you have heartburn, try out apples before few hours of bedtime. This can provide relief against the burning sensation or the irritating heartburn problem. You can also try out bananas as they contain antacids from nature which can prevent acid reflux.
  • Baking soda is here to help-A teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate that is commonly known as baking soda can help your body to get relief from the burning sensation of acid reflux. The pH of baking soda is higher than 7.0, and thus it is effective in neutralizing the acids in your stomach. If the stomach acids get neutralized, even if the food particle and the acids come up via the food pipe or esophagus, you don’t feel the burning sensation.
  • Aloe Vera can do it all- Aloe Vera has a variety of benefits, and one of them is also preventing acid reflux. It reduces the inflammation process, and thus your irritation from the acid reflux gets eliminated. You can try having half cup of the aloe juice from fresh Aloe Vera an hour or half an hour before the meals.
  • Ginger is your savior- If you have regular heartburn or acid reflux problem, then you can try having a cup of tea with few shredded ginger in it. Ginger has elements which can reduce various problems in the stomach including acid reflux. If you have a cup of this tea right before the meals, your body will be relaxed, and your stomach will be calm, and acid formation will get reduced. You can also boil the ginger root in water and have that water before your meals.
  • Mustard is a master of acid reflux- If you are searching for a simple, homely acid reflux treatment, then try mustard. It has alkalizing formulae which are full of different minerals, and it also contains vinegar like acid whose pH level is lower. If you can chew and swallow coarse-grained mustard, nothing can be more beneficial than that while having an acid reflux attack. It will directly neutralize the acids, and you will feel better.
  • Make almonds your best friends- During the evening, after work, we all feel hungry and crave for something spicy, but if you can have almonds instead, it will reduce the chances of acid reflux. Almonds are healthy as we all know, but it has the property to neutralize the acids in the stomach which causes the acid reflux. Almonds as one of the acid reflux treatment are not only delicious but also practical at the same time. Try munching almonds in little quantities after every meal to prevent heartburn.
  • Don’t lie down-You shouldn’t lie down on your bed or anywhere right after your meal. Try to be in an upright position so that the food doesn’t come up.
  • Have a proper sleep- Acid reflux can get triggered by an insufficient amount of sleep. So, the last acid reflux treatment or remedy would be a peaceful and profound sleep.

The problem of acid reflux might be widespread but no doubt that it is also treatable with simple acid reflux treatment at home only. If you have severe or very painful heartburn, you must visit the doctor as there might be some other underlying reason for the same.

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