Top Heel Pain Remedies

In general, there is hardly any individual who has not suffered from heel pain once in their lifetime. It is typically caused when a band of tissue in the sole of the feet shows signs of inflammation leading to severe pain. This pain can be so debilitating that it hurts while walking, working out, and performing all sorts of daily activities. However, a few simple yet crucial changes along with heel pain remedies can work wonders in eliminating the pain and discomfort.

Heel pain remedies that can be followed at home
When your heel pain is affecting your quality of life, you can pamper your feet till they feel better. You can use an ice pack for reducing the swelling and inflammation to a significant extent. If it doesn’t soothe the pain, you may also take some over-the-counter pain medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. You should also allow the feet to rest as much as possible and never exert pressure on your feet for long hours. Moreover, some effective stretches and foot flexing exercises can help in improving the discomfort of the feet. You must even consider getting shoes with proper inserts so that they can raise the heel while supporting the arch of the feet. Make sure that you never walk down an undulating surface as it would create unwanted pressure on your feet as it could be detrimental.

These are some of the easiest heel pain remedies, and it would definitely help in relieving the pain within two to three weeks. However, if you see that the same continues without any signs of improving, it is crucial to pay a visit to a podiatrist. He will check your feet for any visible signs of damage and may also recommend wearing a splint all through the night so that the plantar fascia is under slight stretch even when you are asleep. Physical therapies and custom-made shoes can also be recommended for those suffering from heel pain.

Heel pain remedies for severe cases
For more serious conditions, the heel pain remedies need to be aggressive in order to be effective. The measures one needs to take are shown below.

Shot of cortisone for decreasing the inflammation. It is very effective even though you will have to deal with the pain. On the other hand, the extracorporeal shock wave therapy works best with the patients with plantar fasciitis. In this treatment, shock waves are directed from outside to heal the inflamed areas. The success rate of this treatment is very high, and it is also applicable for athletes.

There are also different types of surgical procedures that can be considered as feasible heel pain remedies. But they are generally regarded as the last option and are opted for if the pain continues for several months after starting other treatments.

Things to keep in mind when suffering from heel pain
Get enough rest

Even though it may sound quite obvious, ample rest is important for those suffering from heel pain. When your feet are suffering due to obesity or overuse or ill-fitting shoes, they are literally pleading for some help. You should keep your feet elevated for ten minutes at least twice each day, and you may chat or watch television while doing this.

Ice therapy
Putting an ice pack on your heel while they are resting can decrease inflammation and help with numbing soreness. It would make your heels more bearable each day until you seek medical advice or get some other treatments.

Preventing heel pain from recurring
Several factors trigger heel pain, and therefore it is crucial to learn how to reduce the risks. Needless to say, being obese exerts additional pressure on the feet and therefore losing it can go a long way in improving heel pain.

Furthermore, the shoes you are wearing on a regular basis can make a real difference in reducing the pain. Therefore, it is important to protect your heel and feet by wearing shoes that can offer the right support in both arch and wide. You should always stay away from worn-out shoes, and you must, therefore, replace them high-quality and well-fitting shoes. Moreover, you should never walk barefooted on surfaces that are hard.

Your choice of workout would also make an impact in your heel condition. Thus, you should always warm up and never rush into any activity that would exert pressure on your feet all of a sudden. You should allow your muscles to get into the rhythm of exercise. You must also invest in a good pair of running shoes, and you must replace them at regular intervals.

Heel pain is certainly a highly inconvenient health problem and you should never let it affect your quality of life. You should try to detect the symptoms and treat them through the heel pain remedies and always give your feet the care they deserve.

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