Travel Benefits for AARP Members

AARP helps its members, all of them above the age of 50, towards leading a productive life. It predominantly helps members plan their finances and ensures that they have enough money to live their old age in comfort. It helps them with insurance planning and tax filing and gives them all the information about social security. AARP also organizes community programs across the country to help members participate, which gives them a sense of purpose and helps them feel content. AARP foundation participates in national-level programs to form strategies that will help the growing numbers of elders get access to affordable healthcare and improve their quality of life.  

Travel benefits for AARP members
AARP also involves itself in being a facilitator for its members. Travel is one of their main sources of activity. Travelling is one option most of us reserve for later. One’s career and family is always at the top of the list. 

A majority of retirees say that they want to travel without blinking an eyelid. However, everyone knows how expensive that can be. Travel packages for people who are above 50 are a huge market that is being tapped. Most travel agents have exclusive travel packages that focus only on this market. Adventure trips, nature trails, historical packages, tourist packages, solo trips, and country and continent-specific packages are all in demand for this age group. Voyages and cruises are extremely popular as well as they give them a chance to travel in style and luxury.

AARP’s travel center
Many travel agents and tour organizers have partnered with AARP, offering huge benefits, exclusive offers, and discounts for members, their spouses and families. AARP members can also be part of group travel within their community. AARP has an exclusive travel center where you can plan a vacation and book flights and hotels. The travel center is integrated with Expedia. The webpage also offers tips on how to choose your travel destination and gives members vacation ideas. 

Partner hotels
AARP has partnered with some of the most prestigious and popular hotel chains across the country. Members can avail discounts of 5 to 10 percent in room rent charges. They also get access to many amenities and facilities in these hotels. Some of the hotels that AARP has partnered with are Hilton, Radisson, Wyndham, Best Western, Cambria, Conrad Hotels and Suites, Waldorf Astoria, etc. AARP’s website also has a list of all the hotels they have partnered with.

Members become eligible for $300 credit when they make bookings through the AARP travel center. There are also featured deals with specific cruise liners. Some of the most popular cruises are to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska, Bermuda, Europe, Hawaii, and Canada. There are deals that offer flat discounts on sales, 50% reduction for the cost of an additional member. These deals are offered through a combination of AARP’s travel center and Expedia.

Vacation packages
AARP offers vacation packages that take care of travel and accommodation. It has partnered with British Airways. This enables members to save anywhere between $65 to $200 when they buy tickets online for about 130 destinations around the world.

AARP has also partnered with Collette for guided tours called Explorations. Members are eligible for $50 to $100 discount per person or small groups.

The Grand European Travel is another travel partner. They offer savings of $100 per person and offer surprise gifts and packages across the US and Europe. 

Members are eligible for a discount of 10% on Medjet, a global air medical transport. If you fall sick while traveling, Medjet also arranges for transportation back home if you are a member.

Rail tours
Rail tours are also quite popular among those who want to take it easy and are keen on a relaxed and endearing holiday. AARP members are eligible for discounts with partners like Collette, Grand Canyon Railway, Grand European Railway, and Vacations by Rail. 

Car rentals
For those who want to hit the road and are spontaneous, AARP has some very good deals on car rentals. You can book your car through AARP’s travel center. You can also avail 30% savings on the base rate as offered by Avis Car Rental and Budget Rent a Car, 10 to 20% savings on Budget Truck Rentals, 5% savings on Payless Car Rentals, and 43% on annual membership from Zipcar. Most of these companies also offer vehicle upgrades and a driver without additional charges for members only.

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