Triglycerides Food Plan for A Healthy Heart

The human body’s bloodstream carries triglycerides that are a fatty element used as a source of energy. This type of fat is essential as the body requires to burn it when it is exhausted. However, an excess of triglycerides can lead to major heart diseases. It can also a metabolic syndrome and lead to a heart attack if the bloodstream carries it in excess. Not commonly known by people, being aware of one’s triglycerides level is as important as keeping a check on one’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

A triglycerides level that is above 200 mg/dL is a matter of concern. This is a high number and can lead to grave complications. As the level of triglycerides increases, there is a higher chance that the level will increase and cause severe complications in the body. Not only are the arteries at the risk of damage, but this fat can go on to cause diabetes, obesity, kidney failure and other diseases. Keeping a regular tab on your triglycerides is a good practice as it will lessen complication in the future. However, there are several ways in healthy lifestyle changes can a play in controlling the level of triglycerides in the bloodstream. Also, a carefully developed triglycerides food plan can keep it in control.

So how does food help in lowering and keeping triglycerides levels in control? As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’, a choice in diet can play a major role in aiding this condition for most people. It can be much more effective than merely taking medication. A diet that gives your body just enough number of calories is what makes for a good triglycerides food plan. Consuming food that is high on calories causes them to develop into triglycerides, leading to storage in fatty cells of the body.

Factors to keep in mind when putting your triglycerides food plan together:

  • Go moderate on the carbs – Whole-grain carbs can cause an overdose of unwanted fats. The trick is to keep a tab on the carbohydrates that you consume by balancing it with foods such as fruits, vegetables, and low-fat protein. This will make you feel full for longer, especially if you are accustomed to eating a heavy carb-filled diet.
  • Minimize on sugar – Sugar can not only lead to an increase in diabetes but also lead to fat formation. Eliminating sugar consumption from your triglycerides food plan is essential if your triglycerides level is very high. Foods such as cake, candies, fruits high in sugar, and chocolates can trigger the condition and intake of these high-sugar foods should be controlled to keep from triggering the condition.
  • Keep unhealthy food at bay – Highly tempting foods like red meat and chips come loaded with saturated fats. This kind of fat is also found in baked goods and packaged good as well.
  • Low-fat dairy – Diary with high-fat levels show be avoided as much as possible. Go in for dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese that are lower in fat or non-fatty altogether.
  • Keep the alcohol to a minimum – Alcohol has the tendency to increase triglycerides levels in the bloodstream. It is essential to a limit on alcohol to a minimum of 1 glass a day and avoids it on most days if possible. If you already suffer from high-triglycerides, you should consult your doctor and understand what quantity can you intake.

Triglycerides food plan for a healthy start to the day –

  • Egg sandwich – 2 whole egg whites fried in a sprinkle of olive oil and placed between two slices of whole wheat makes for a good and tasty sandwich. Adding diced tomatoes and spinach leaves can increase the healthy level of this sandwich.
  • Cereal and milk – Add a cup of oatmeal to a bowl of skimmed milk. Throw in some chopped walnuts and berries to add to the tastiness of this meal. This is not meal not only keeps triglycerides in check but also keeps you full for longer.

Food plan for a healthy meal

  • Soup and Salad – A combination of a veggie salad bowl and soup is a good plan for a meal, especially lunch. Avoid adding dressings to your salad, however, a sprinkle of olive oil and or no fat dressing is good.
  • Healthy burger – A grilled chicken breast piece placed in between a whole wheat bun and consumed with fresh salad and fruits is a healthy meal idea.

A diet change can bring about a difference in triglycerides level. Also, a combination of good lifestyle habits such as regular exercising, low sugar intake, and a limited alcohol intake can eliminate the need for taking medications. However, if very high triglycerides level will demand medication and a strict triglycerides food plan. Working out the same and taking help from your doctor will be of great help.

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