Types of Pain Relievers That Work Well for All Body Pains

Whether it is a short acute pain or a prolonged chronic pain, nobody likes to deal with physical pain. It can affect any part of the body, starting from head and neck to muscles and bones.However, not every individual knows how to manage pain in the right manner using the best pain relievers. While some people keep treating pain using ice packs or hot water bottles, it does not always offer instant relief. Thus, they pop just any painkiller that may cause some serious side-effects.

There are several over-the-counter drugs available to deal with pain within a short time. However, people need to understand their pain and go for the best pain relievers that do not cause harm to the body. While some natural pain relievers may help with mild pain, stronger painkillers are required when immediate relief from some deep and intense pain is needed. Listed below are some of the pain relievers that can work well with stiffness, muscle spasm, nerve pain, injury pain, headache, limb pain, and any such pain in the body.

Types of effective pain relievers

It is one of the best pain relievers if you are looking for a safer option among the over-the-counter drugs. Acetaminophen works to control body temperature along with the part of the brain that receives the messages of pain. This is the reason acetaminophen can instantly treat several types of pain, including a headache, back pain, surgical pain, earache, sinusitis pain, throat pain, and even arthritis pain.
Acetaminophen notably has fewer side effects as compared to any other pain medicine. This also makes it more suitable for children. It can even be used for a longer period compared to other medicines.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
What acetaminophen does not do is taken care of by NSAIDs. If you have pain coupled with irritation and swelling, then only NSAIDs can work to reduce that. The best pain relievers usually work by decreasing the production of hormonal substances called prostaglandins, which cause pain. NSAIDs additionally work on reducing stiffness, fever, and muscle pain.
Some commonly used NSAIDs are ibuprofen and naproxen. There are also options that contain both aspirin and acetaminophen. While these drugs are effective in pain reduction in multiple body parts, these should not be popped whenever you have pain. Depending on the intensity of the pain, type, and the healing required, only the doctor can recommend the right dose that does not cause any side effects. Thus, always seek consultation from a specialist.

Prescription pain relievers
If you need the best pain relievers at all times when it pains, the right option is to consult a doctor. Your doctor can provide prescription pain relievers based on your pain, the area of pain, and required treatment. Several types of prescription pain relievers help to reduce pain and inflammation, including the following:

Corticosteroids– Usually given as pills or injections, corticosteroids can be effective in providing instant relief from itching, swelling, inflammation, and allergies. As these treat pain almost immediately but have strong side effects, doctors generally recommend a very low dose per specific requirements. In low dosages, corticosteroids work best for intense pain or surgical pain.

Antidepressants–In the case of emotional conditions and chronic pain that may not respond to other treatments, antidepressants in low dosage can act as the best pain relievers. They ensure general well-being of the body and relax it. While antidepressants are mostly recommended in chronic pain cases, they can also treat menstrual pain and specific types of headaches. Antidepressants, when taken in low dosage, may not have significant side effects, even in the long term.

Anticonvulsants–A few types of anticonvulsants can work wonder to remove the body pain. Users can tolerate them well. While it is complex to understand how these operate exactly on pain, the anticonvulsants work on nerves causing the pain.

Opioids– For treating acute pains, opioids may be the best pain relievers. These contain natural, synthetic, and semi-synthetic opiates that are effective for severe pain.They are great pain relievers, as they do not cause stomach bleeding or harm to other body parts.

Other Pain Relievers
Apart from drug treatment, there are other safer treatments available for the body pain of all kinds. These include some of the best pain relievers in the form of skin patches, medicinal sprays, and pain relief oils. However, these work mostly on surface pains that are not chronic. Some people may try acupuncture or mind-body techniques as alternative pain treatments.

From OTC and prescription drugs to alternative medicine and sprays, there are several ways to get rid of varied types of pain in the body. However, a few of these medicines and techniques are safer in comparison to others. Thus, it is best to go for physician consultation for receiving the most-effective pain treatment.

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