What Are the Factors That Cause Migraine Headaches

A migraine is a condition that causes severe pain and throbbing in the head. Unbearable most of the times, this is a kind of pain that affects one side of the head. In most cases, migraine attacks do not come with any symptoms. However, there some warning symptoms that can come before or after the migraine attacks and these include tingling in the head, sudden blind spots, flashing of light and more. The symptoms can vary from person to person.

Migraine attacks can affect any individual irrespective of the age and gender. From kids to adults, absolutely anyone can undergo this kind of a headache. However, migraines mostly begin in childhood and progress in stages over the years. The pain can get severe with each stage but is not necessarily true that an individual goes through every stage.

Migraine attacks can leave a person to suffer from excruciating pain for hours and even days with no relief. The medications available in the market can reduce the occurrence of migraine attacks and reduce the pain too. Migraine attacks are often coupled with other effects such as repeated vomiting, feeling nauseous and sensitivity to light and sound.

So what causes migraine headaches? There is no credible research to back up the cause of migraines. There is a migraine episode when there is a central nervous disorder, or it can be due to genetic predispositions. What causes migraine headaches in one person may not be the same reason that causes migraine headaches in another. The causes are unique from person to person depending on his/her lifestyle and other related factors. Migraines are popularly believed to be triggered due to various elements and lifestyle habits. Here are some factors may cause migraine headaches:

Forming the habit of skipping meals – In today’s time, most people are guilty of skipping important meals such as breakfast or lunch. However, constantly skipping meals can trigger migraine attacks or even worsen the condition over a period of time. It is believed to be one of the main factors that cause migraine headaches.

Processed foods – Foods that are heavily processed can be the cause of migraine headaches. If one is already suffering from the condition, he or she should preferably keep away from foods such as aged cheese, cold cut meat and more.

Drinks – Alcoholic drinks have a very bad effect and are one of the popular reasons that cause migraine headaches. Wine is believed to have a very bad effect on migraines. Drinks that come with large proportions of caffeine can do great damage too. Keeping away from caffeinated and aerated drinks is essential.

Stimulators – Sensory stimulators too can lead to one suffering from migraine headaches. Although this cause may not be very common, it does affect a few people. Some individuals may suffer from migraine headaches due to strong perfume smells, bright flashy lights, ear-blasting noises and more. Cigarette smoke and sun strokes too can play a role in triggering severe migraine headaches.

Hormonal changes – Women are mainly at the receiving end of hormonal changes that take place due to several factors such as menopause and pregnancy. The fluctuation in levels of estrogen in women causes migraine headaches. Also, a large number of women suffer from migraine attacks at the onset and during the period of their monthly menstrual cycle. This is primarily due to the huge drop in the level of estrogen during the time.

Stress – While stress causes minor headaches, it is also responsible for causing migraine headaches. Today, a large number of population undergoes stress due to work or personal reasons. Suffering from stress from long periods of time can increase and worsen the occurrence of migraine headaches over time. People who experience severe migraine headaches should pay attention to the stress levels that they undergo.

Inadequate or unusual sleep patterns – Quality sleep is essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. Comprising on the number of hours that one should essentially cause migraine headaches. Also, sleep disorders or poor sleep patterns can worsen the severity of migraine attacks.

Physical exertion – The body can not indulge in a physical activity that is beyond its capability. Exerting one’s body to an intense level can trigger the body to react with a migraine headache. People who have a history of migraine headaches should refrain from indulging in activities that require extreme physical exertion.

Migraine attacks and symptoms and a reason that causes migraine headaches are often ignored. People believe that migraines do not have a serious effect and leave it untreated. However, repeatedly experiencing migraine attacks is not healthy. If a person regularly experiences signs of migraine attacks, he/she should note down the frequency and keep tracks on what possibly caused migraine headaches.  One should then make an appointment and visit the doctor as soon as possible.

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